Star Trek Problems: Accents

Star Trek Problems #70

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Vincent’s Comments: In the world of Star Trek everyone loses their accent. Unless it’s hilarious or charming. Or the actor can’t do it.

  • Big Jim

    With a Universal Translator, wouldn’t everyone sound the same?

  • Chris Piers

    Theoretically, but Worf’s parents have a Russian accent. Shouldn’t he? Unless we’re supposed to think he’s always speaking Klingon and getting translated.

  • And the alien’s lips wouldn’t be mouthing English words…. but we gotta let some things go.

  • Anthony Hita

    In a world where travel takes less than a second to go anywhere, it is quite possible that multiculturalism creates strange accent dispersal. His parents might have just been raised in the same place all their lives, and Worf traveled more during his youth. Who knows?

  • Powers

    Minsk isn’t in Russia.

  • SNAP! I’ll have to have Chris do a special edition to change it to Belarus.