Star Trek Into Darkness: 2259.55 Was an Inside Job

Star Trek Into Darkness Conspiracy 2

Star Trek Into Darkness Conspiracy 1

I recently came across some important documents in relation to stardate 2259.55. It pretty much blows the whole lid off the destruction of San Francisco on star date 2259.55. Read it and have your mind blown. Don’t be like the sheeple that believe that Starfleet has your best interests in mind! There’s a one world government, literally!

Seriously though, I found these conspiracy laden images from Star Trek: Into Darkness to be quite entertaining. I wasn’t a huge fan of the movie, aside from it’s action. I don’t think it’s the worst thing ever, but it definitely didn’t feel like Star Trek. It doesn’t exactly bode well for the future of Star Wars…

  • Dex

    ” It doesn’t exactly bode well for the future of Star Wars…”
    See I feel the exact opposite. I think it bodes well for Star Wars because the Trek movies were more like Star Wars than Trek.

  • So to you, Star Wars should be nonstop action with nonsensical plot devices, 1 dimensional characters, and huge plot holes? Because then you’re going to be in for a treat!

  • Dex

    As far as the action part, yup! :D I meant more the overall feel of the Trek movies was more Star Wars vs previous Trek films were boring in places to me.

  • Fisty

    I’m one of those who is glad Star Trek doesn’t feel like Star Trek anymore. I always felt it was at it’s most Star Trek on TV and the movies rarely did enough to excite me. Now a new TV series that was like this? Yeah, that’d tick me off.

  • I would like it a lot more if they actually told good stories. But they don’t. So far we have a nonsensical revenge tale and a poor retread of previous films.

  • Fisty

    I know, but you can say nasty and true things about a few of the predecessors as well. Seems some folks voting it the worst in the series tend to forget Nemesis, Insurrection and Final Frontier as major offenders.

  • Luckily the new Star Wars has an Oscar-winning screenwriter on board. I think that will impact the quality of the new SW movie more so than the director. I think it’s in good hands.

  • You’re in good hands. Snap!

  • At least with those films there was still Star Trek on TV to fall back on (I think. Too lazy to verify, therefore what I said was fact)