Star Trek Corsets

I’m sure this has been posted across the galaxy, but I’m posting it here because I need to catch up and it’s still awesome. I love these Star Trek corsets:



I have a hard time believing that your average Star Trek female fan would look this good or would be able to order these sizes. Hey, I’m just saying. I’m also enjoying the fact that they don’t have the actual Star Trek symbols on them, because you know they’re not licensed at all. That and the models probably would have rebelled if they knew that there were wearing Star Trek outfits, this way they could spare themselves some dignity.

  • That is a truly awesome leather corset. They are available as a plus size leather corset also it appears.

  • I love those Star Trek corsets too. It’s true that they probably not be look great on the typical female Star Trek fan but on the right woman these are every geeks ultimate fantasy.

    Even better than the Princess Leah gold bikini :)

  • french fonts,

  • Depeche Motors…

    I’m loving these. I know more than a few ladies who are bonafied Trekkies that would look GORGEOUS in these.