Star Tours II – Someone Take Me to Florida

One of the biggest draws to Disney World when I was a kid was Star Tours, the Star Wars themed “ride” that had an space tour bus appearing in the middle of a battle between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance. By the time I got to see it the technology wasn’t that fantastic. Other rides like Back to the Future were much more exciting, but you couldn’t beat seeing more Star Wars anything that wasn’t on VHS. Sigh, I miss the days when anything Star Wars = gold.


Thanks to: The Retroist

  • Man, I’d love to be able to take Krissy and I to Disney.

  • Vincent

    And me?

  • I was down in Disney World back in April and rode Star Tours about 5 times. I love the details in the queue line, but considering the amount of revenue that Disney makes on that ride … it’s high time they reinvested in it.