Stan Lee Cameos in Marvel Movies that You Missed

Chris Piers   February 5, 2015   Comments Off on Stan Lee Cameos in Marvel Movies that You Missed

Stan Lee with a Spider-Man statue

Stan Lee co-created the majority of the Marvel Universe back in the 60s and these days we get to see him pop up in fun cameos in every movie based on Marvel characters (tv shows too!). “EVERY movie?” you ask. That’s right. There are some that fans have missed. Join us for 5 obscure Stan Lee cameos that we screencapped so that you can find him the next time you watch these movies!

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Stan Lee Hulk Thor

Sure, the movie isn’t out yet but the trailer is. There are some rapid cuts to various action scenes and if you go frame by frame, you can catch this great shot of Stan Lee besides two of his famous creations: The Mighty Thor and the Incredible Hulk. Awesome!

Iron Man 2

Stan Lee cameo in Iron Man 2

Blink and you’ll miss it! When Black Widow is called in by Nick Fury to shadow Tony Stark, we see her leaving her lover. It’s none other than our beloved Stan Lee. Excelsior!

Ghost Rider

Stan Lee cameo in Ghost Rider

Face front, true believer. Did you miss Stan in Ghost Rider? Remember the scene at the end when Ghost Rider’s bike is destroyed by Blackheart? He needs a ride so he hops on a nearby citizen, piggyback style. That ride is actually provided by Stan Lee.

Punisher War Zone

Stan Lee cameo in Punisher War Zone

It’s strange that so many people haven’t noticed Stan Lee’s cameo in Punisher War Zone. When the Punisher breaks into Jigsaw’s warehouse, guns blazing, his backup partner is played by Stan Lee!


Stan Lee cameo in Nightcrawler

What a cheeky cameo this one is. You have to look for it, but here’s the shot where you can see Stan Lee himself teleporting just like the X-Men’s Nightcrawler, on a news monitor in the background. Bamf!