Sponsorship Update: Sideshow Collectibles Up in the House!

Vincent   July 4, 2013   Comments Off on Sponsorship Update: Sideshow Collectibles Up in the House!

Okay, I’ll be honest. Sideshow isn’t technically a sponsor. It’s an affiliate program. Basically, if you buy one of their high end, sweet arse collectibles we get a piece of that action.

So what do they have? There are two items which I want ever so badly. The first is the Snake Eyes that comes with Timber. Just look at this thing!

Sideshow Toys Snake Eyes and Timber

The Sideshow exclusive edition comes with a Timber that has a not as angry face which is pretty bitching. I’m not so hot on the V1 Snake Eyes helmet, that’s why it’s super cool that he comes with the V2 version head. Please Santa… I’ve been good.

Snake Eyes and Timber Sixth Scale Figure Set - Sideshow Exclusive

The other figure that I’m digging on is the Clone Trooper known as Shiny, because he’s fresh from the Clone factory.

Sideshow Toys Clone Trooper

I’m a huge fan of the Clone Troopers, despite the fact that the movies they come from are meh. I’ve always wanted a high end Sideshow version, so I’m really stoked that they’re offering the regular version again. And even better yet, he comes with a cool mini-gun looking thing. I’m not huge into the Phase II version the clone armor, yet it’s still cool that it comes with the Phase II helmet. Also, I love the backpack.

I’m probably going to buy the Clone Trooper. Thankfully… they have a payment plan.

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