Sponsored Post: Xenon Project

Vincent   June 2, 2011   Comments Off on Sponsored Post: Xenon Project


Hey folks. A nice dude contacted me about an RC store called Xenon Project and I thought I’d pass the info along. I’m not a big RC car/boat/plane/what have you guy, though I do recognize that controlling a little vehicle via remote control is a great concept and probably pretty fun. I’ve never tried ordering from them myself, but they’re nice folks and have a cool name for their store. So if you’re thinking about buying an RC car, why not give them a shot?

Their sales blurb is below:

Kids’ fascination evolve as fast as technology changes. Their growing fascination of controlling transportation machines such as cars, helicopters, tanks, and boats can be addressed through RC toys or the what’s called remote control toys. Nowadays, it’s one of the hottest toys distributed in the market and they’re for newbies and hobbyists alike. These are toys where you can control their speed, select from a variety of their designs, and even ones that are upgradeable like their real counterparts. A wide variety of the RC toys can be found at Xenon Project, the official website of a toy and hobby company that delivers high quality RC helicopters, RC boats RC tanks and more.