Sponsored Post: Now at Dinosaur Toy Vault


Dinosaur Toy Vault is the greatest toy store in the universe and I’m not just saying that because I run it. We’ve added a whole slew (that’s right a slew!) of cool toys in the last few weeks. Check them out!

Masters of the Universe Classics Orko:

orkoThis figure is fricken awesome. He comes with Prince Adam as an accessory. Sweet!

SDCC Marvel Universe Thor:

thorfigureThor. What more can be said about this guy other than he’s pretty awesome, comes in a dark color scheme, and is going to star in his own bad ass movie soon? Unfortunately, its not going to be Adventures in Baby Sitting 2.

SDCC Marvel Universe Captain America:


In World War II Captain America was no dummy. He used a helmet to protect his head and a gun to shoot Nazis when he couldn’t sling his shield.

SDCC Exclusive Transformers Blaster:

blastertransformerssdccYou might have a G1 or reissue G1 Soundwave, but do you have his good guy counterpart? If not, then you owe yourself a favor to get this guy. If you already have one though, build an army!

Crazy Cool Star Wars figures:


One thing that we like to do at Dinosaur Toy Vault is offering figures individually rather than making you shell out cash to buy a few figures that you don’ t want to get one that you do. There’s a great assortment of Star Wars figures like Darth Talon and Cade Skywalker that are available right now that are split up from comic packs.

And if any of these toys don’t float your boat, how about these?

  • got any one-armed Jedi figures?

  • I like Orko.

  • Vincent

    You should buy him!