Spider-Man’s Most Deadly Enemy: The Wall!


The Blob doesn't have a thing on this guy.

Sure Spider-Man can take on a wide variety of enemies including a man with mechanical tentacle arms and a dude that’s basically a walking rhino, but how’s he supposed to defeat a wall?!


Even better than Spider-Man’s comic battles with The Wall is his live action adventures against him on The Electric Company!

I’ve read that The Wall was created by Joss Whedon’s dad. We can only hope that he shows up in a cameo in The Avengers.

Thanks to Super Punch and Super Punch again

  • I recall watching the Wall on the Electric Company, in the olden days. What an awful enemy.

  • THe Wall reminds me of one of the wrestlers in the M.U.S.C.L.E. line

  • Wait…this ends without an exchange of Hostess products?

  • Hah you’d think it would.