Some Quick Hits

Vincent   April 17, 2011   Comments Off on Some Quick Hits


Hey folks, I realize it’s been a week since I’ve last updated. I decided to take a bit of a blogging break. I know this upset your daily routine and need for Robot’s Pajama goodness but I have good news for you! And we have a picture of a dinosaur fighting a robot to help make up for it.

  • We’ve recorded another episode of Robot’s Pajama Party and as soon as Herman edits it, it’ll be ready for your ear holes.
  • There will also be a bonus episode of Robot’s Pajama Party available soon! It was actually saved from the dead (a program crash) so thank the maker that it wasn’t lost forever. It’s a table top gaming centered episode, so look out for it if you dig that sort of thing.
  • I keep teasing contests on the Facebook Page and the Twitter account, enough teasing! Tomorrow there will be a contest announcement that will be really easy to enter.
  • We have a shirt for sale at Cafe Press. We make almost nothing off of it, except for the pure joy it would bring if you purchased one.