Some Dogs are Jerks


Just look at this Shih-Tzu. It’s so friggen full of itself. I bet it thinks it’s better than me. I bet it’s thinking, “Hey, I’m very fancy and you’re not, so that makes you a terrible person.” I bet it thinks it could beat me in a dance contest or in a game of chess. Why are you so full of yourself Shih-tzu? Is it because of your fancy hair? Well, just because I don’t have someone dedicating their life to grooming me doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings too. So what if you dated the hottest cheerleader in school and won the state wrestling championship three straight times, it doesn’t mean that my life doesn’t have any meaning.

Holy crap, I wish I could punch this dog in the face.

  • I wish I could punch it in its fancy, well-groomed pancreas.

  • There’s a lot of projection in this post.

  • But that dog punched Hitler. Sure it was merely the charred corpse, but it punched Hitler and thats more than you’ve done!

  • She’s so cute anyway…but looks like she wants to bite you. hahaha…