So How About More Star Wars Movies?


A rumor set the internet ablaze over the weekend that George Lucas is currently in the planning stages for three new Star Wars flicks. You might not know this if you don’t look at any other geek or film blog as you shouldn’t, because you love us. The rumor came from an “inside source” at Lucasfilm on the blog Of course, after such a stunning announcement the site is down at this time, no doubt being assaulted by millions of fanboys and the rage or nerd haters.

According the rumor, working on the 3D re-releases of the six Star Wars films combined with the sucess of the Clone Wars animated series has gotten Lucas excited about making new Star Wars films that take place after the Return of the Jedi. Exciting, if true. The catch is that the movies wouldn’t center on anything Skywalker related and may in fact take place far in the future of the original trilogy. That’s even better news, beccause there’s less of a chance that the things that we loved in the first one will get fucked up even more than they already have been.

Lucasfilm has gone on record to deny this rumor. As /Film has pointed out, even if it were true they’d have to deny it. It’s not like they’d admit to something this huge just because an unconfirmed rumor is floating out there.

We want to know what you think. Despite my best efforts to feel like a jaded geek, I got a little excited when I first heard the rumor. I’m more forgiving than most people, but I also feel that if there were new movies and they were set far apart from the original trilogy, then they have have more freedom to tell a better story than the prequels. Freedom like that can be pretty dangers too, so it could also be a big disaster. Still, I can’t help wanting to see more live action Star Wars.

  • Chad B

    Having it set far away from the original trilogy might also avoid conflicting with the metric crap-ton of novels that are out there, not that I think Mr. Lucas really cares about that. I’d love to see movies made out of the original Thrawn trilogy of books, but maybe it’s better they’re left in book form, justice wouldn’t be done to them on screen.