Snuggie Time

Vincent   January 31, 2009   3 Comments on Snuggie Time

The very concept of the Snuggie enrages me, but what angers me even more is that it’s a super successful product. Thanks to Nima of Equinox of Insanity this hilarious video helps me work through my anger issues:

Fun Side Story: I started watching this with my wife and she had successfully avoided the major Harry Potter spoiler for the last year or so, that was until I watched this. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her more horrified.

  • Jason P

    Sweet Jebus!… Super Herpes!

  • Rudy

    Im thinking monk.

  • JM

    I had a cousin who tried the WTF blanket and ended up dying of a super herpes complicated heart attack.

    Shame, shame.