Snack Report: The Last Hostess Sno Ball on Earth


I realize the title of this post might be a tad melodramatic, however the chances are good that there aren’t many Hostess Sno Balls kicking around anymore. While you can still get them on eBay, there’s no stores that are stocking the thing. Sure some company is probably going to make Hostess products again, but for right now this post is written in the aftermath of the great Hostageddon.

And yeah, I have a few more Hostess Sno Balls tucked away in the freezer. This will be the only time I write about this particular treat, though.

Just look at them big, round, milky white... Sno Balls.

Just look at them big, round, milky white… Sno Balls.

For the uninitiated, a Hostess Sno Ball is similar to the Hostess Ding Dong. It’s a chocolate cake that is filled with cream, but unlike the Hostess Ding Dong which is covered in a chocolate shell, the Hostess Sno Ball is covered in a layer of marshmallow, which is in turn covered in bits of coconut.


Now upon biting into this delectable treat I noticed that it was a tad dry. I’m going to attribute that to the freezer. I was willing to accept this sad fact of life, since it was not as fresh as it was the day it rolled off the Hostess assembly line.

Otherwise, it was an excellent experience. I’ve found that food snobs and those that didn’t grow up with Hostess tend to bitterly hate these types of snack cakes. Well fuck em. I love it. Hopefully when the brands are bought up someone will start cranking out Sno Balls again. If they don’t, I can only imagine a world turning into Mad Max and people fighting and dying over trucks full of Sno Balls.

Score: 2.75 out of 3 thumbs

  • Roxie

    I have always loved the orange cupcakes as well as the snowballs. Hostess was and is the best!!! I know someone who has quite a few treats in a garage and freezer. Have been tempted to raid the stash!

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