Snack Report: Tastykake French Apple Pie

TastyKake French Apple Pie

I don’t live in an area that has Tastykakes, so while passing through on a trip I knew I had to take advantage. I didn’t want to buy more than one thing because I’ve been watching my weight a bit. I had to choose wisely. I went with french apple pie. I thought it would be comparable to a Hostess fruit pie.

TastyKake French Apple Pie

Upon opening the pie I realized that it was not at all like a Hostess fruit pie or many of its other knock off pies. It came in its own little metal tin. I also didn’t realize that french apple pie is supposed to have raisins in it. Well, the good part was that I didn’t taste any raisins in the pie.


The reason why the Tastykake people keep the pie in a tin is that it’s soft as hell. I wasn’t really prepared for that. I also didn’t really like it. I’m not sure if you’re supposed to warm it up and eat it like a real pie or what, but this thing was really not for me. It’s soft and weak. Like some sort of foppish man.

  • Kake Konnoisseur

    Tastykake has been around for far longer than Hostess or any of the others. THEY are the knockoffs. Tastykake has been successfully keeping millions happy for more than 100 years ! Yeah. We’re all wrong and she’s right. The writers lack of knowledge of the ingredients ( French apple is SUPPOSE to have raisins, DUH! ) or the opinion that she doesn’t like raisins doesn’t make it a poor product. Just a poorly informed consumer. The ” It’s soft and weak. Like some sort of foppish man ” comment reveals that this writer has lots of other issues. Stay off the sweets and on your meds. :)

  • She? Where did you assume that it was a woman writing this?

    And it’s supposed to have raisins in it… then why weren’t any raisins? It should therefore be a poor product based on the missing ingredients.

    It was disgusting. Case closed.

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  • patriot1789

    The writer stated, ” I also didn’t realize that french apple pie is supposed to have raisins in it.” Not that it did not have raisins in it. Learn to actually understand what is written.

  • Lorraine Hurd

    My favorite of all their fruit pies…and cannot find it anywhere.