Snack Report: Nesquik Vanilla Milk


Hey fellow junk food consumers aka nerds, it’s time for another snack review! This time I decided to check out a Nesquik flavored milk I haven’t seen before with the Nesquik Vanilla milk.

I was a little weary of this sucker before I tried it. I generally like vanilla. Vanilla ice cream, vanilla Coke, vanilla shakes, yet somehow… vanilla milk seemed wrong somehow. If milk is going to be flavored, it’s got to be chocolate. Screw that banana or strawberry bullshit. Still, I was willing to give it a go.

After chugging the 340 total calories (holy balls). It’s actually 170 calories a serving and there’s “about 2” servings in a bottle. Nestle, be honest here. Nobody is going to stop drinking a bottle after “about half”. Regardless, Nesquik Vanilla milk is delightful. Just drink it once in a great while or you’ll become a huge fatty fat pants.

  • My son love this drink……………’s healthy too.