Snack Report: Mrs. Freshely’s Chocolate Pie


I only discovered the wonders that are the Hostess chocolate puddin pie after Hostess shut down. I always loved their fruit pies, but never gave the chocolate version a chance. That was a huge mistake. And now that Hostess is back, but they’re not making the chocolate pie! So this leaves me looking for a replacement.

I stumbled upon Mrs. Freshley’s Chocolate Pie at a gas station (gas stations are the Garden of Eden for the snack connoisseur). Having never seen Mrs. Freshley’s in Wisconsin and needing a chocolate pie, I decided to give it a shot. Heck, they pay to have the Hershey’s logo on the package, how could it be bad?


I waited a few days to try it out. Timing needed to be perfect. I would eat less on pie snack day to make up for the 500 calories this beast is carrying. I also needed time to just sit and enjoy it. Take it all in, like a fine cigar.

The wrapper is up to snuff as far as these things go. Just the right feel for the fruit/chocolate pie experience.

I was surprised upon opening it that Mrs. Freshley’s does not skimp on the glaze! The one side was almost pure white from the sugary goodness. I was prepared for putting something incredibly awesome in my mouth.


Sadly, it was not an incredible mouth experience. This Mrs. Freshley’s chocolate pie was anything but fresh. The thick outer shell was the driest fruit/chocolate pie shell I’ve ever encountered. An unappetizing thick shell of dried bread. Still, I wanted to get to the sexy chocolate inside. Perhaps there was still hope if I could make it through the dense outer layer!


I took one more bite to find that the chocolate was hardened to the insides of the pie like fat hardened to the interior of the walls of my heart. This wasn’t anything like the Hostess Chocolate Puddin Pie that I had fallen in love with, which was basically a pie shell around pudding. Mrs. Freshley’s pie was like a stale loaf of bread wrapped around a thin layer of hard chocolate.


Two bites and I was out. And here I’d been looking forward to going down on that pie all week! What do I get? Gross and disgusting dry pie.

I’m going to give Mrs. Freshley the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps her distribution system isn’t that great and maybe she has a hard time replacing stale and old pies on the shelves with new ones that she bakes. Or maybe she was just having an off day slaving away at the oven. Who knows. It might be awhile before I give her another chance though.

  • Chris Piers

    My favorite chocolate pie is the one I get at Fred Meyer. It’s the Kroger brand, if you have one of those chains or a chain owned by them near you. Thin and tasty crust, tons of chocolate inside, which tastes not unlike chocolate mousse or at least some good pudding.

  • Lamar the Revenger

    So sad…