Snack Report: McDonald’s Mac Jr.


McDonald’s was a staple of my youth and as I’ve grown older I’ve gone there less and less. Still, I can’t completely quit the golden arches. The food might taste gross to some, but if you’ve grown up on it then the particular tastes and smells are related to more than just food. I still have a very vivid memory of going to the circus with some aunts and uncles. We stopped at a McDonalds and I ordered a big Mac. One of my aunts was incredulous that I could finish the whole thing. Well I showed her and ate an entire Big Mac and that is when I became an adult.

The Bic Mac has essentially remained unchanged. Two small patties, three pieces of bread, some lettuce, and special sauce. The biggest drawback is the fact that the meat patties are so freakisly small. If I’m in a McDonald’s I might as well get the two cheeseburger meal for a bigger bang for my buck (that’s a life hack right there).


McDonalds is currently offering a larger Grand Mac and a smaller Mac Jr. The Mac Jr. appeals to me because I can get that Big Mac taste without the extra loaves of bread with the tiny two patties.


Aside from looking like a crushed mess, the Mac Jr. was great. The hamburger patty seemed larger than the average Bic Mac patty. Whether this is due to actually being larger or not being dwarfed by buns I’m not sure.

The Mac Jr. pretty much had everything I wanted: Big Mac nostalgia taste in a smaller package. Whomever came up with this thing needs a pat on the back.

I hope McDonald’s keeps the Mac Jr. around. I’d order it instead of the Big Mac or two cheeseburgers when I went to shame eat under the golden arches.

  • Daniel Greeney

    I agree that even tho Mickey D’s is mostly terrible, it’s hard not to have one thing that satisfies. The Big Mac is one of those things for me, too. And while your review is mostly on, the Grand Mac actually does in fact have more meat – 3 times as much in fact. It’s more substantial, but of course more caloric. The Jr. is probably perfect if you want to get the taste without all the colories.