Snack Report: JJ’s Boston Cream Pie

Vincent   August 3, 2016   Comments Off on Snack Report: JJ’s Boston Cream Pie


In the last Snack Report JJ’s pies (which I found on a vacation in Michigan) took on the mighty giant of Hostess in the battlefield with their versions of chocolate pies and lost. It was a close loss though!

This time JJ’s has the field on their own with this Boston Cream Pie. Vanilla and Chocolate together in harmony? Yes, please! I’ll keep this one short. This pudding pie was a delight. It’s got a winning combo of vanilla and chocolate pie filling. Hostess doesn’t even make a vanilla pudding pie any more, so JJ’s has a leg up on their competition.


I will note that JJ’s Boston Cream Pie didn’t look that appealing from the outside. The glaze looked a little off. Perhaps this could have been due to the pie being stored in a hot car and then refrigerated.

Like their chocolate pie variety, JJ’s thinner than Hostess pies throw me off a little. It’s not bad, by any means. I just expect them to be more full of sweet goodness. Oh well, I guess that makes them slightly healthier. At least, I’ll pretend that it’s a healthy alternative.

Overall, JJ’s wins this round for having best Boston Cream Pie snack pies that I’ve ever eaten. I have no idea where to get more, because I never see them around here.