Snack Report: Hostess Orange Cupcakes

Tastes like orange!

Tastes like orange!

While digging through my post Hostageddon Hostess supplies I found a couple of the orange flavored cupcakes. I hadn’t eaten the orange flavor before the worst struck, so I figured in my fury of buying Hostess to pick some up at the time. It was a now or never situation, if you will.

I’m generally not a huge fan of fruit when there are things like chocolate and candy available. I’m also not a big fan of fruit flavored things that are supposed to be flavored like chocolate, but what the heck.

As you can see by my terrible cell phone pics, the orange flavor cupcakes look like the classic chocolate brethren, except orange colored. They look interesting, but I was weary of this orange flavored treat.



The Hostess orange cupcake suffers on the side view. I’d say it looks kind of gross. The other thing I find gross is that these things are both colored orange and flavored to taste like an orange, yet I’m guessing the orange qualities are coming from chemicals. It makes me proud that mankind can achieve so much, yet it also is gross.

The package does say that it is a “natural” flavor, but this is very hard to believe. I wish my contacts at Hostess were still around, not only because they’d still have a job, but also to explain how this orange flavored cupcake can in any way be natural.


I didn’t expect them to taste as good as they did, in fact they tasted great. And the cupcakes weren’t as dry as I was expecting either. These were in the freezer like the other Hostess products I’ve eaten lately and so far out of a Lemon fruit pie, Twinkies, and a Sno Ball, the Orange Cupcakes have made the best transition from freezer to face filling that I’ve experienced thus far.

Overall, I don’t regret the experience, however I’d rather have a chocolate Hostess cupcake given the choice.

Score: 2 out of 3 thumbs

  • Great post! I’m so jealous of you. These were, by far, my favorite Hostess products. While everyone was scrambling for Twinkies, I sought these – to no avail. 7/11 has a store brand version, but they sweat in the package (weird) and aren’t nearly as packed with orangosity.

  • If I find another pack in my supplies, maybe I can hook you up. I don’t remember if I bought more or not. I focused on my favorites.

    Snack sweat is an odd phenomena. It’s like sponge sweat. Both freak me out.

  • Yeah. I always liked the orange cupcakes, but they were always right next to the chocolate ones, which were the greatest things ever, so I never got them. At least Little Debbie’s cupcakes are comparable.

  • You had me until you said the LD words. Little Debby is my arch-nemesis. A cheap also ran in the world of snack cakes.

  • Lamar The Revenger

    Sadly, these weren’t at stores here. When Hostess Armageddon hit, everyone ran out to get Tastykakes. They aren’t very smart around here.

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