Snack Report: Hostess Crunch Donettes


With the news that Hostess is probably going to be back Summer of 2013, I’ve been digging into my Hostess supplies a little more regularly. This time I tackled one of my favorite Hostess products of all them, Crunch Donettes. Crunch Donettes are basically mini donuts covered in a layer of amazeballs coconut. Yes, amazeballs.

Unlike the other types of Hostess Donettes (chocolate, powder, cinnamon), I never saw the Crunch version in a large bag and that pissed me off. I only ever saw them in six packs in gas stations (Gas Station Food: the most American of all the food groups). If I wanted to shove tons of Crunch Donettes in my face, I’d have to buy lots of the small packs. Argh! Although, I guess that’s one of the reasons why I liked them so much, they were a little harder to find. Crunch Donettes used to be one of the three things that made an awesome gas station: 1. Crunch Donettes 2. Nesquik chocolate milk 3. Skin Mags. The perfect gas station would have all three plus bundles of comics from the 80s, but I have yet to come across such a magical place.


The six Crunch Donettes are packing a whopping 430 calories, but that’s the price that you pay for a party in your mouth with every bite. And that party isn’t a terrible shitty party where your guests vomit on your couch and steal your stuff, no this is an awesome party where everyone has just enough to drink without getting sick and then there’s this spontaneous orgy and then nobody feels guilty afterwards. That’s what Crunch Donettes are like in your mouth.

The ones I ate for the review were frozen and they are a little more dense than what they were fresh, but still delicious. Sigh, come back Hostesss… come back.

Score: 3 out of 3 thumbs

  • I’m amazed they still had “crunch” to them. Figured the freezing process would’ve affected that.

  • Nope! It’s a miracle! Of deliciousness!

  • PR_Chicano


  • Melissa

    Like 2.49 at Big Lots lolol

  • Damn! I’ve never seen Crunch Donuts in the big bag! Even before Hostess went bankrupt!

  • Isla

    My son bought some of these home just yesterday.

  • Loretta Davis

    They not healthy, Soybean and high fructose, not good