Snack Report: Hostess Chocolate Pie Smack Down!


I randomly stopped at a grocery store that had a very special treat inside… Hostess chocolate pudding pies! During the great Hostageddon when Hostess went bankrupt I saved a bunch of their stuff and while making my way through it I discovered that their Chocolate Pudding pies were amazing. My sadness was immense, for I knew that I’d never lay my moist lips upon their supple form again.

Since their return I was happy to see old favorites coming back, but there was no chocolate pie! Hostess never responded (as they don’t love me like they once did) and I hadn’t seen anything mentioned of their return, but here they were in this gas station! And yes, they aren’t super old. They’re in the current box packaging not the wrapper. Also, they’ve been renamed Creme Pie from Pudding. I prefer Pudding Pie over Creme Pie, because frankly in my book a “Cream Pie” has an altogether different connotation.


Mmm Hostess Pie.

What was the Hostess Chocolate Pie worth it? Did it live up to expectations! Yes! It’s great. Great crust that wasn’t too flaky, thin, or thick, excellent glaze coverage, and a great amount of chocolate filling. Boom, another win for Hostess!


And if you’re still with me, I decided to make this Snack Report super special by including a review of JJ’s Chocolate Pie. I’ve never heard of JJ’s before, but I was in Michigan on a trip and I spotted them in a store and though I’d give them a shot.


JJ’s thinner pie.

My quick report is that JJ’s held up pretty strongly to Hostess. The only category where JJ’s really fell behind was in pie filling amount, as the pie was much thinner than the Hostess one. In fact, the calories bear this out, since JJ’s is 20 calories less than the Hostess Chocolate Creme Pie. Overall, great job JJ’s, you certainly beat out Mrs. Freshley’s chocolate pie, but you still are a loser in the Chocolate Pie Smack Down!