Snack Report: A Giant Snickers Bar aka Snickers Slice and Share

Vincent   April 27, 2016   Comments Off on Snack Report: A Giant Snickers Bar aka Snickers Slice and Share


As a snack connoisseur and a fan of Snickers bars it was a dream come true when I came across a 1 pound Snickers bar. While bigger doesn’t always mean better in the wild world of fatty treats (see my Reese’s Peanut Butter cup snack report), I had high hopes that I’d love a giant Snickers bar.

You know what? I did love it. This one pound snickers bar goes by the official name, Snickers Slice and Share. The reason for this is that it’s so large that its only practical to cut it out and eat slices of it. You see, the only real problem with this beast is that it’s pretty difficult to eat it like a regular candy bar. Unless you have a jaw that unhinges, it’s tough to get a good hold on it with your mouth. The contents of the candy bar are “thicker” than a normal one, so you don’t get a nice clean bite. You kinda get some weird half chomps that look gross when you look at the bar.

So yeah, slicing it up is the only realistic way to eat this thing. The plus to eating it in finely cut slices is that it gives you the feeling of being a fancy gentleman eating a candy bar meant for the upper crust rather than the kind of candy bar eaten by the lower class scum. However, if you do want to chomp on it though you cram it in your mouth hole in a comedic manner to impress all your friends that you’re eating a candy bar which is comically oversized.


Being a much larger version of a smaller candy bar means it isn’t going to be the same snacking experience as you would eating a normal sized Snickers bar. The Chocolate shell is a bit thicker in order to hold it all together. The real winner here is fans of nougat. Just look at all that fricking nougat in the above picture. This thing has nougat for days. The downside is a bunch more peanuts. I like peanuts, but it seems like a bit of a peanut overload. That picture above is bound to send people with peanut allergies into the hospital.


Oh yeah, you want the calories on this beast? It’s a serving size is a 1 inch slice at 240 calories, which I found to be a rather satisfying amount. There’s supposedly 9 servings, which is kind of a joke if you’re hankering for Snickers and can’t stop at 1 inch. The whole thing is 2,160 calories… which really isn’t that bad relatively speaking. I mean, a meal from McDonald’s will put you at about half that if you get large fries and a non diet giant soda. I doubt most people would even be able to eat half of this thing in one sitting.

While not a candy bar I’d eat that often, the 1 pound Snickers Slice and Share rules. It’s nice to slice off some chunks from the ole’ Snickers loaf. Next time I see one of these suckers, I’ll pick it up.