Sideshow’s Storm Shadow v2 is All Mine!


One of my favorite nerd purchases of late is this wonderful Storm Shadow from the G.I. Joe figures put out by Sideshow Toys. Storm Shadow here is based on the second version of the character that I fell in love with oh so many years ago. I preordered this figure what feels like years ago, then it took me awhile to get this post up, but he’s so brag-worthy that I’d post about him here.


Storm Shadow comes in the rather standard Sideshow box that’s both compact and easy to use to store everything. I was almost overwhelmed by the amount of goodies that you get pack in this box. The main main highlights are the urban camo outfit, a backpack, two swords, a compound bow, and arrows. He also comes with rope, a vest, a belt, two tonfa sticks. One of the best features of this figure is that you can display him with almost everything he comes with. I worked the second sword to hang to the right of the backpack, which you can see above. I haven’t figured out a way to stick the bow on there too though.


I couldn’t exactly replicate the look on the box of him pulling the string back on his bow. I’m afraid I’m going to break the bow. Still looks pretty cool.

Oh and a word about the hood. I think it looks much better over his head, however it takes a lot of fiddling to make it look just right. Blame the limitations of cloth. The area around the hood is reinforced with wire, to it makes manipulating it much easier that it would be otherwise.


One of my favorite hands is his claw hand that sort of replicates the claw that came with the original toy version. In the above image I took off his bracers and the vest, to better replicate the look of the toy. While I generally like straight on reproductions of the toys, I feel like the vest that Sideshow packed with this Storm Shadow fills him out a bit more and makes him look more aggressive. But regardless, my only issue with the claw is that it comes on a fist hand, so I can’t have him hold his sword in his right hand and have a claw at the same time.


Storm Shadow comes with a ton of hands. You’ve got basic gripping, a pulling a bow hand, grasping. and more. I like the one grasping a ninja star a lot.

While he has a ton of hands, he doesn’t come with any extra feet, which is a little disappointing. You can’t really have a pose that would require a foot to be be bent.


The biggest problem (and a good one to have) is it’s hard to pick a pose. I’ll get him just the way  want him am and then think, “Man, he’s look cool doing this or holding that.”

Overall Storm Shadow v2 was a great purchase and I’m super happy with it. Hopefully Sideshow can keep up the great work and keep the G.I. Joe figures coming. I only have a few minor quibbles about him, but overall he comes with almost anything I’d ever need. I did end up ordering more roe online to give him a thicker bunch around his chest and a couple of sai for fun, but other than that the only things he could use are some extra feet. Oh and another figure to fight…