Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Glistening Pecs


I just came back from the movie theater where I spied Sherlock Holmes. Sorry if I get a bit psydo-Victorian here, but the movie has got my Victorian loving juices up once again. Of course I’m sure all three of you are just dying to know what I thought, so here goes. Sherlock Holmes is noteworthy for both shitting all over Arthur Conan Doyle’s original Sherlock Holmes stories while at the same time riding it across the universe like the sweet horse it is. People who don’t like this film will no doubt point to things such as over the top action scenes and completely erroneous historical facts, but if you are able to get past these things you will no doubt enjoy this flick.

The only real problem I had with the film was the final, obligatory beat down with the head baddie. Unfortunately, these days every single film that features action and is geared to the popcorn crowd has to end with the hero beating up his rival to a pulp in some darin-do. I no longer care for these scenes, because the outcome is always inevitable and I know it’s just a delaying tactic in order to please those with a low IQ until the credits role. Just have the jerkbag arrested and save me fifteen minutes, please.

A nice bonus was the addition of characters from the Holmes mythos that I didn’t really expect. The only person to ever defeat Holmes has a healthy part, Inspector Lestrade is there, and Holme’s brother Mycroft is also mentioned. There’s even shadows of his arch nemesis, though the timing is a little off on these adventures. Without spoiling anything, Holmes should have dealt with this arch-nemesis before Watson was off to be married, though if I’m wrong on that account I’d love to have a Sherlock Holmes nerd prove me wrong.

Overall, Sherlock Holmes does to the Sherlock Holmes mythos what the ’09 Star Trek did to the Star Trek mythos, though it seemed a lot less painful in the rear end area this time around.

*The above title came from something said by the esteemed Zach Oat, who himself once bested three French giants in a boxing match.

  • Emma

    We’re not sure yet if we’re going to see this in the theater. At first, I thought: NO! But then the trailer looked interesting. Now, I’m not sure. I’m glad it’s at least somewhat good.

    Holmes was a fighter in the stories, but I understand there are things that don’t match up with the stories at all (I just can’t remember what they are). I just don’t know. And your review is mixed, too, so I still don’t know!

    I’m glad it’s not total crap, though.

  • Never gave this movie a second thought and that hasn’t changed.

  • Looks good to me.