She-Ra’s Sweet Ride, Swiftwind

Vincent   June 25, 2010   Comments Off on She-Ra’s Sweet Ride, Swiftwind

She-Ra and Swiftwind

Continuing She-Ra week, I guess, is a cool commercial for She-Ra’s faithful steed, Swift Wind. Swift Wind was the equivalent of He-Man’s buddy Battle Cat. Much like Battle Cat who goes around in day to day life as his alter-ego Cringer, Swift Wind is a normal horse named Spirit before She-Ra swings her mighty sword his way.

There’s two reasons why I decided to share this commercial with you:

1. I’m trying to win back the hearts of my female audience that I constantly alienate with all the boob pictures and filth talk.

2. To ask Mattel to please make a new Swift Wind for their new She-Ra figure. Look, I know I’m a small blog not worthy to lick the boot heals of your mighty corporation, but a new Swift Wind would be tits. Oh crap, there I go again. Sorry, ladies.

Update: Mattel did make a new Swiftwind to go with their She-Ra figure, so you’re welcome everyone. I did that.

Thanks to: Retroist