She-Ra, The Return of a Really Cool Toy

One of the most highly anticipated toys for the last year or so is now in our household, the brand spanking new Masters of the Universe Classics She-Ra. I know what you’re thinking, isn’t She-Ra for girls?! Well sort of, but the She-Ra in question actually belongs to Babette, so stuff it. Still, if there was no Babette, I’d have this girl toy all for my own and I would be proud to own her because she rocks ten socks.


If you’re one of the few people reading this who doesn’t know who She-Ra is you deserve your nerd license revoked. She-Ra is He-Man’s cousin who, like He-Man, is a normal hot blond who can turn into a super powerful hot blond thanks to a magic sword. When He-Man ruled the toy aisles and was making big money for Mattel, they came up with the genius idea of spinning off He-Man into a girl toy. It worked and the funny  thing about it is that a lot of boys ended up like She-Ra too, probably because she was pretty and kicked a lot of ass. Still, I don’t know of a single boy having She-Ra toys since they were so girly, but they certainly didn’t mind her appearances on the cartoon where He-Man and She-Ra would occasionally team up and knock some bad guy heads together.

I’m no toy reviewer, so if you want to see a well thought out and great review of the figure then I suggest heading on over to Poe Ghostal’s site where he does a fantastic job. I’m just here to note how cool She-Ra is as a toy. One of the greatest strengths of this figure is the variety of accessories she comes with. She’s got two heads so you can either have a look that resembles the original toy vetrsion or the cartoon version. As you can see, the Four Horsemen (She-Ra’s sculpters) did an excellent job of resembling the original while totally updating her style:


One of the odd things about the original She-Ra is that her tierra/mask was shown in a few different possisions. Again, this is emulated on the new She-Ra:


The fun thing to note is that in order to get the mask to turn, Mattel went ahead and put a hole in She-Ra’s head for the mask to fit into. This lead to bunch of whiny men-babies crying about not having a head option without a hole in the head. I really hate toy collectors sometimes. Don’t get me started on the fact that there was a multi-page debate on the forums on the color of her sword, because that just might make me vomit.

Other accessories included are her Power Sword, a shield, and a rather ingenious ax. You see, the original She-Ra figures came with brush to come their rooted hair. The ax takes the place of this comb in a rather neat way:

she-ra-helpingOverall, She-Ra is a fantastic figure with a few limitations. I can see more than a few girls wanting this figure if they are nosatlgia junkies, but I wonder how many will be hampered by the fact that she was only available on  The only way Babette knew about her is that I let her know about the release way ahead of time and I have a subscription.Mattel should really get these figures in real stores or at the very least Hot Topic or something.

As an added bonus, upon opening the package Babette was greeted with a powerful blast of what she likes to refer as “pool toy smell”. I happen to think the odor is rather great and it should be bottled. Babette herself is an addict.


  • I really want to switch her head but it’s impossible to get on!