Sexy Bravestarr? Yes, Please

While crusing the information superhighway looking up pics of the great 80s cartoon Bravestarr for this article, I ran across this female version of Sheriff Bravestarr.


Now that Thundercats are coming back, perhaps Bravestarr needs another shot. Maybe a live action show starring a female Bravestarr? I don’t think I’m being crazy here! Or course, this does bring up the scary idea of what a “sexy” Thirty Thirty would be like, and I don’t think I could possibly post the sick pictures that would result from that.

  • Babette

    Where are this poor girl’s breasts? This guy is going to get drummed out of the pin-up artist’s union for sure.

  • She just happens to have rather small breasts. I wouldn’t kick her out of my space bed for that.

  • Surf

    A wise man once said, “More than a handful is a waste.”

  • lamartherevenger

    If you find a sexy 30/30 (eww) New Texas is gonna have to change it’s name to New Tijana…

  • oh hot damn! thats nice.

  • Esbat

    Dat… Ass!