SDCC Exclusive G.I. Joe Sargent Slaughter Kre-o Set

GI-Joe_Kreo_SDCC Exclusive _sgt Slaughter_1

I’ve been mostly hush on San Diego Comic Con exclusives this year, because none of them aren’t really doing it for me… until now! Hasbro is putting out a special Sergeant Slaughter themed Kre-o set and it comes packed with Kreo goodness.

GI-Joe_Kreo_SDCC Exclusive _sgt Slaughter_3

You get Sargeant Slaughter and most of his Marauders.

GI-Joe_Kreo_SDCC Exclusive _sgt Slaughter_2

Not only that, you get his Triple T tank.

GI-Joe_Kreo_SDCC Exclusive _sgt Slaughter_4

And not only that, you get a Kreo Pimp Daddy Destro, Darklon, Voltar (now known as General, must have lost the rights), and some Iron Grenadiers. Man, this is a great set.

I’m hoping that I’m able to get one somehow this year without paying an arm and a leg. I won’t be attending the Con… so hopefully the internet will be merciful this year. I’ve been pretty lucky getting SDCC exclusives that I’ve wanted, but my luck is bound to run out. Or maybe one of our dear readers will want to hook a blogger up? One that helps provide you free entertainment all year perhaps?

I’m also hoping Hasbro keeps making Kre-o G.I. Joe. I only just got into them now and they’re not in stores any more.

  • Chris Piers

    I thought they were still sold at Toys R Us?

  • The couple I’ve gone to had clearanced them out and haven’t gotten any new ones in months.

  • Sadly it seems the line was dead after the last series… But then we get this? There was an unannounced set at JoeCon too. Frustrating that Kre-O didn’t do better overall. They’re a ton of fun. I just wish HTS had carried the line, because TRU was too spotty in selection. Wave 1 flew by and made it difficult to army build.