Screw Star Trek and Avatar, Moon Rules

Vincent   February 2, 2010   Comments Off on Screw Star Trek and Avatar, Moon Rules


As you can probably guess from the post title, I finally got to see Moon. I had heard it was good and I was really hoping it was and damn it if it didn’t beat my already high expectations. If you’re a sci-fi fan or even just want to see a good film, you must see Moon.

After watching Moon I realized how crappy Star Trek and Avatar really are. I mean, I enjoyed both films, but when you watch a high quality film and then compare it to usual Hollywood fare you feel kind of dirty. I’d say that this and District 9 proved that sci-fi can be done very well by independent studios. If anyone brings up to me how Avatar is the film of the year I will slap them across the tits for being so wrong.

On a side note, I really must say that part of my love for Moon has got to be it’s obvious inspiration taken from other sci-fi films like Aliens and Outland. I really miss that certain look in sci-fi and I can only hope that Moon might help bring it back. More big fat buttons and bulky space suits!