Scar Jo + Extra Bewbs = Comic Accurate Female Type


I’ve seen the above image floating around on the internet lately and I debated putting it up here. I then thought, screw it. I like bewbs, even big giant fake ones. Plus, this image of Scarlett Johansson from Iron Man 2 (not Avengers as some people have been saying) more accurately reflects the state of women in comics. No, I’m not being one of them pansy dudes that’s all sucking up to the feminist types. The guys in comics are almost as equally ridiculous with their muscles upon muscles.

This picture of a basketball chested Black Widow reminds me that my only real complaint about Joss Whedon directing Avengers was that we got 0 Black Widow cleavage shots. Come on, Joss… throw us a bone! Literally!

  • Samcambolt270


  • Big Jim

    With no feet she’s almost Liefeld accurate (just needs more pouches and for her elbows to extend below her hips)