Saturday Morning Cartoons: Iron Man 1966

Iron Man_1966_Cartoon

Straight out of the 1960s comes this Iron Man cartoon. I love these things. While they are barely animated, they are boat loads of fun what with their awesome theme tunes and almost no animation whatsoever.

If you aren’t familiar with these cartoons, they did a few Marvel superheroes cartoons just like this for heroes like Captain America and Thor. The one thing I don’t get is why these aren’t on DVD yet. You could probably fit all the episodes on two discs. Instead, I gotta have a bunch of VHS tapes like some archaic loser.

  • Someone has to produce these on DVD before too long because there are many countries in the world now where you can no longer get a VHS player!

  • De

    Not long after the release of the 1960’s Spider-Man cartoons, Disney planned a release of the entire Marvel Superheroes series (Iron Man, Thor, Capt. America, etc.). However, rights disputes between Marvel (who owned the characters) and Disney (who owned the cartoon series) kept the release from happening. Now that Disney owns Marvel, it’s probably just a matter of time before a DVD release happens.

  • Vincent

    De, that is the most informative comment ever. Thanks, you’ve given me new hope.