The Best Halloween Costumes This Year

Hey kids! Halloween is just around the corner and if you don’t have your costume yet,  you’re in danger of being the laughing stock of your town. Fear not! I’ve collected some of the best costumes available online, so you can just purchase them and party away (or murder babies if you celebrate Halloween the way it was meant to be celebrated).

Mutt Williams

muttwilliamscostumeCapture the magic of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull with a costume based on the most popular character from that film! THE MOST POPULAR!

Jabba the Hutt

jabbathehuttcostumeStar Wars fans, be ready to be the life of the party with this fantastic costume based on Jabba the Hutt. This costume is a screen accurate representation of the lightsaber wielding villain of Star Trek Episode II at an affordable price.

The Baroness


Hey sluts, remember the Baroness? We don’t either! But if you’re looking to grind on the nerd crowd this year be sure to get this Baroness costume that’s about as vaguely related to the original as a ham sandwich is to a bicycle tire.

Rainbow Brite

rainbowbritecostumeWe realize that not every woman has a “Barbie Doll” body. There’s more of you to love! So why not call attention to it and look like a completely miss-proportioned cartoon character from the 1980s?

Love Guru


More like the laugh guru, right? Remember that part of the Love Guru where he was all like… Umm well how about that part where… Strange, I can’t think of anything from that movie worth remembering.

Aunty Entity

Now this costume of Tina Turner’s character from Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome is so un-timely that no casual costume goers will bother wearing it. If you’re the 1% of the female population that likes Mad Max: Beyond the Thunderdome, then this is for you. The model really helps sell this one, especially when she looks like she’s about to poop.

  • Haha! :)

  • Jabba flat out looks like a cock.

  • Good lord. This is why every Halloween, I think I’m going to go out, then bail out at the last second.

    Incidentally, my Youngest is going as Iron Man this year, and I just hope he doesn’t try to fly or stop a truck or something. On the other hand, it’s better than a Wolverine costume where I get stabbed.

  • Chris, if your cock looks like that then you need to call a doctor ASAP.

  • I always wonder who wears these crappy costumes? I’ve been to tons of huge Halloween bashes and while I have seen some crappy costumes, they’re almost never those terrible off the rack theme costumes.

  • Vincent

    I wore the Ghostbusters one last year, but I used the Kenner proton pak and trap. They have their uses sometimes.