Saddam Hussein Joins G.I. Joe


Finally, Saddam Hussein has joined the rank of G.I. Joe. His code name is Dial Tone and he’s an expert at communications. If you join the G.I. Joe Fan Club, you’ll get your very own free Saddam Hussein figure, well if you give them money for a membership he’s free.

There’s no bio yet for Saddam, but I’m going to assume that he was smuggled out of prison and perhaps some American patriot (i.e. homeless lookalike) took his place in the hangman’s noose in order for Saddam to lend his many talents to the G.I. Joe team.

Saddam is not the first addition of a “real life” personality to join their Joes in their battle for justice. Other notable famous Joes include Sgt. Slaughter, William “The Refrigerator” Perry, and Pol Pot. Fidel Castro is expected to join the team soon with the code name, Clutch Blaster. Yes, Castro will be the driver of the People’s Tank, a tank that opens up to reveal a hot air balloon inside.


  • You had me giggling. Then you wrote “Pol Pot” and I lost it.

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  • monkey boy

    yeah, joe fans are going ape poop over this figure. as in, they think it’s awesome. i think it’s at best boring and at worst, saddam hussein pre-spider hole.

  • He looks a bit like Ron Jeremy too.

    Codename Dick Tone.

  • Vincent

    Oh good one Newton!