RTR: Uh What? Why is Mario Doing That?

The following video was on Topless Robot, hence I’m recycling it here. It’s a video that sort of shows the evolution of video games, but it’s seriously fucked up. You might want to “smoke up” or whatever it is you hippies do before seeing something crazy:

Video Games from MUSCLEBEAVER on Vimeo.

Yeah, it kind of loses me when Mario starts humping Laura Croft’s leg. I do miss that kind of artwork in games though, and I really like the King’s Solomon’s Mines poster in the background. Why go for the obvious shout out to Indiana Jones when a much inferior movie will do the job better?

Thanks to: Topless Robot

  • i just wanna know why the pac-man ghosts look so shitty when everything else looks pretty awesome

  • Uh…that was bizarre…