ROM: Space Knight Kicking Dire Wraith Ass


I’m a huge fan of the Marvel comics version of ROM: Space Knight. I’m sure that most of my five readers will be scratching their heads at the mention of the name (and because of head lice), so I’m hoping in the future to write up a post about him and his amazing comic book series. I was going to mirror an article detailing why the Rom: The Space Knight comics were so great that appeared on my old toy collecting blog, but that seems to be down now. Sigh. It was awesome. Anyway, I bring all this up today because I ran across this neat-o artwork that seems to be based on the one page ad that ran in many, many comics back in the day. Great stuff.

The artist who created this is Farel Dalrymple. Check out his site here.

Thanks to: Super Punch

  • PrfktTear

    Can’t say I’ve ever heard of this, but nice art! The purple guy at the bottom reminds me of Tung Lashor.

  • Kareth

    Oh man, ROM, now there’s a name I haven’t heard in ages.

    As a kid in the early 80s I “inherited” my uncle’s comic collection when he got married and his new bride didn’t want them “cluttering up the place.” Mixed in among the usual Batman, Spiderman and Avenger books were a number of issues of ROM, had no clue who he was before then, but boy did I love those comics.

  • Me and my brother used to play ROM when were kids. Yup. We were that big of dorks. It was pretty awesome. I think we even had the toy/game Figure for a bit. I’m surprised someone hasn’t tried to basically ape Rom since the real one is tied up in legal mumbo jumbo… Or maybe someone has? I don’t really read comics anymore.