Rockband 3 to Have a Keytar


According to some rumors and a teaser, Rock Band 3 will probably have a keytar. Now that’s perhaps the coolest and annoying news I’ve heard for some time. Keytars are possibly the coolest rock instrument ever, but do we need one? No. I refuse to buy another accessory, especially if it is a fake keyboard. A keyboard is just buttons anyway, why would I want to fake that? Another strike against the keytar, according to the rumor, is that it will be made by Mad Katz. Maybe things have changed in the last few years, but Mad Katz always was a synonym for shit.

I’m still excited as hell for Rock Band 3, but more for the songs and the game play itself. Who needs more pretend instruments?

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  • Actually, not to rain on your naysaying parade, but Mad Katz HAS changed. Significantly. They actually make really good products now. And there’s a reason Harmonix has signed a deal with them to make all their Rock Band peripherals.

    Second. What’s the problem with a keytar? You press buttons with all games.

    Third. AYE need more pretend instruments. ME.

    P.S. To call them pretend instruments is kinda incorrect. They’re controllers shaped as instruments. Pretend instruments implies that they don’t exist and they do absolutely nothing.

    P.P.S. Sorry about being a staunch Rock Band defender. Music games are a passion of mine and Harmonix is an amazing developer.

  • Vincent

    If you like them so much, why don’t you marry them?

    Yeah, I went there.