Robot’s PJs’ New York Toy Fair 2013 Picks

For those of you not into toys, the New York Toy Fair happened last week. That’s where some of the biggest news in the toy world happens, since toy makers are trying to convince retailers to pick up their products. Us nerds can revel in all the toy news of what is coming out. As a former certified toy expert, I decided to plow through and put my mushroom stamp of approval on the coolest things to come out of the New York Toy Fair news.

G.I. Joe Tomawhawk aka Eagle Hawk


One of my favorite G.I. Joe vehicles of all time is getting a remake and fans were really buzzing about it. I ranked the G.I. Joe Tomahawk as a number 2 on the best of all time list for good reason, it’s fucking awesome. What’s great about this version is that it’s being retooled to fit the newer sized Joes who are a tad larger than the old school ones. It will also have folding blades, which will save space and result in less bent blades that plagued the original. The best part about it has to be the price… 40 bucks. For a vehicle of it’s size in this day and age, that’s a huge bargain.

Source: The Terrordrome

1960s Batman in Figure Form

In very cool news it was revealed that Mattel was making 1960s Batman figures! Personally, the figures like Riddler and Batman look a bit odd with the joint cuts in them for articulation. Still, it’s great to see figures with such high detail being able to hang out with everyone’s other 6 in. scale DC and marvel toys. (This line NEEDS all the women who played Catwoman.)

Photographer Dennis Stylist Alfonse

A 60s Era Batmobile is promised to be 50 bucks, which is a rather low price point for how big it’s got to be.

Source: Grape Soda

NECA Predator / Aliens


NECA had a really neat diorama featuring their Alien Warriors vs. Colonial Marines pack, unfortunately the diorama is not for sale. The figures look pretty sweet though.


The good news is that this Trophy wall for Predator toys (from the movie Predator 2) will be available!

Source: Toy Ark (btw I realize the need for watermarks, but having one go across the whole meat of the image is annoying as shit)

Huntress and Fire


DC Universe Classics will finally get around to a Huntress. Why has it taken this long for them to get to this? So great.


I also love this figure of Fire, because she has big 80s porno hair.

Source: Preternia



NECA Scores again on this list with ED-209 from Robocop. I do have to admit that the Kenner Toy version (the ED-260) is more the version of ED-209 I see when I picture him, so the movie accurate NECA version looks a little off to me. Hey, sorry I grew up playing with that ED-209 before I was allowed to watch the movie multiple times! But as a fan of Robocop, this thing is bad ass.

Source: Toy Ark

Titan MetroPlex


Holy balls, at two feet tall in robot form talk about a giant ass Transformer! It’s kind of surprising to me that they haven’t attempted a classic looking Transformer this large yet, considering how big some of the Star Wars vehicles have been made at super high price points. And there’s a ton of Transformers fans with a lot of money to spend.

Source: Seibertron

Star Wars Vintage



I’m a sucker for Star Wars toys in vintage packaging. I’ve been slowly replacing vehicles in my collection with ones in vintage style boxes when I can, and it looks like there will be more tempting offers coming out this next year with the a Slave 1, and a TIE Interceptor. Hasbro will also have Wedge’s X-wing in vintage style packaging, but I’ll probably pass on that one.

You may be wondering where Star Wars Black (the 6 in. line) is on this list. Since this is my picks and since I’m not overly excited by it, I’m not including it. I believe enough other people have written about it already.

Source: Kastor’s Korner


Ghostbusters Ecto-googles:


I really regret not buying the Ghost Trap from Mattel when it was available, but it came out at the same time I bought my expensive ass Hot Toys ’89 Batman.

Now they’ve got the Ecto-Goggles on tap that are most famously worn by Ray Stanz in the film. At $110 they seem really expensive for what was in reality a prop that had bits of stuff glued on to it. Supposedly it works with the PKE meter and will display a Slimer when used together. Not sure if it’s worth the price, but we’ll see!

Source: IGN

NECA’s 18 inch Scale Batman


Speaking of Hot Toys 1989 Batman, NECA has their own Batman doll in the works. He’s 18 inches tall, that’s a full six inches taller than the Hot Toys version. It’s also only expected to be around a hundred bucks, so it’s far less expensive. If Hot Toys hadn’t made a Hot Toys Batman, then I’d have been all over this thing. Now though? No interest. That need has been filled. I’d love a six inch version to hang out in my DC Universe Classics collection, but I’ll pass on this puppy.

Source: Action Figure Fury

  • I have a hard time with figures that have torso articulation like Bats 66. Is it really necessary? Although he might be one of the few where you’d actually use it if you could figure out a way to pose him climbing up a rope.