Robot’s PJs File Cards Part 2! Write for The Robot’s Pajamas

Hey, y’all, here’s another post where I ask if you want to write for us. One of the benefits of writing for The Robot’s Pajamas (aside from glory and the feeling of doing good in the world) is that after 10 posts you get your very own file card. This file card contains a piece of the original and official story of The Robot’s Pajamas. So far I have two file cards done, one for me and one for Matty. (click on the cards to make them bigger)



Fun stuff huh?

If you’re wondering what we’re looking for, then my answer would be stuff like you see on the site. Geek culture with a bit of attitude. However, specifically it would be nice to have more recent movie reviews, coverage of TV shows, comic books, and more toy stuff. I also like flea market / rummage sale finds, and pics of your own collections.

If you want to write for The Robot’s Pajamas and get your own snazzy file card, then email RobotsPajamas [at] gmail [dot] com to get the ball rolling!

  • Chris Piers

    It’s fun. Vincent has created a good nerd haven.