Robot’s Pajama Party #9: Welcome to Earf!

We’re back again with a slightly dated episode! Don’t worry, we packed in a ton of great content to make up for the wait! Strap yourselves in, you’re going for a ride!

Topics Discussed: Movies like Thor, Bridesmaids, Inception, They Live, Hot Fuzz, and the Hell Raiser series. In comics stuff we have a bit about Matty’s comic proposal and the boys discuss DC’s relaunch(?). In the world of video game stuff there’s talk about a Grand Theft Auto cheat code, Halo 4, Gears of War 3, and the Wii U (Wii 2).

There’s the launch of a new segment, “The Pop Culture Attic” where Vincent tells you all about Captain Power.

Vincent asks for help coming up with an online dating profile name and Matty reveals just how little he cares about other people.

Friend of the show Chris Piers (of Television Zombies) gets on the line and shares a story about being beaten up, and we take the ever popular listener questions!

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Show Links: Dead Weight (movie Matty will be in), Snorg Tees (hopefully our next guest will be a model from here) College Humor Inception Parody

  • -It’s about time you saw Inception. I knew you were going to be annoyed with all the exposition, though. I love the movie, but it really is basically Exposition: The Movie.
    -The Hellraiser movies are usually good, but that CD Cenobite is the worst.
    -For your free PS3 games, did you check your download list? When I selected my games I didn’t download them right away, but both were just chilling in my download list for later. If it’s not there you can call a customer service number, it’s not too hard to find on the PlayStation site. You’re not the only one with a problem with their free downloads, screwy things happened to a lot of people with them.
    -I was involved in all your Gears of War 2 Horde Mode happenings, but yeah, no one probably cares. I’m definitely down for more Horde in GoW3.
    -I didn’t get into Captain Power until I saw the enemy space fighter on clearance somewhere. It included a video so I could shoot it up, but it was probably weird shooting all the enemies on screen with one of their own.
    -For listening to you friend’s podcast for the first time, I felt the same way when I first listened to yours. I was nervous it was going to suck, but it didn’t. Great job on not sucking.

  • Hey thanks for the input, Shawn. We need more people to give us some notes. I’ve been afraid that we are missing listeners, because people automatically think it will suck before they hit play. I think there’s so many bad podcasts that it’s hard to get people to give a good one a shot.

    As for the ps3 game, i’m so lazy and hate calling customer service for anything that I’ll write the free game off for lost.

  • Great episode, boyos! My favorite part was when all that funny stuff was said. Keep doing that!

  • jacon

    vincent, i just listened to the part about you missing out on a free game on PSN. i wish i would have known earlier, i could have helped you get it. it might still be on your download list like shawn said, or it might be somewhere else. call me sometime, and i might be able to walk you through it. unless it’s too late. the download a free game thing ended on the 5th. sounds like you downloaded dead nation though, and if you ever get to playing it we could try some co-op.