Robot’s Pajama Party #10: Chrispy Ears (The Other Man)

We know, it’s been awhile. Due to various delays like Matty getting kidnapped and Vincent having to rescue him through an arm wrestling tournament the show was pushed back quite a bit. We finally managed to get settled down and now we’ve got a special episode. This one features our friend Chris Piers of Television Zombies, the Joint Ops Podcast, and comic book making fame!

Topics Discussed: Man, we’re all over the map on this one. We dig into Chris’s geekhood, RPGs, Paul W.S. Anderson, creative types who don’t do anything with their talent, Twin Peaks, Super 8, Falling Skies (the pilot), Unnecessary sequels and prequels.

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Television Zombies, Forever Summer, and Krissy!

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: Episode 10

  • Wow, my enthusiasm for Falling Skies’ pilot sure was at a high point there. By the end of the show, I was playing Angry Birds or Bejeweled while it was on in the background.

  • The movie sequel that most ruined its franchise is definitely Highlander 2. It basically throws away everything from the first movie and replaces it with some stupid alien crap.

  • Great show!

  • jacon

    i colored half of the pages for the comic chris mentioned he wrote in this episode!