Rev. Ron’s Fun Sized Review: Birdemic 2 The Resurrection

Ron Swanson   October 10, 2013   Comments Off on Rev. Ron’s Fun Sized Review: Birdemic 2 The Resurrection

Birdemic 2 Poster

Birdemic 2: The Resurrection

What is it?

An old warship—it’s a movie, for crying out loud! More specifically, a sequel to the campy, junkfest from writer/director/Hitchcock enthusiast James Nguyen and it’s basically the first movie done all over again.

James Nguyen director of Birdemic

What is it about?

It’s Alfred Hitchock’s The Birds but with awful acting, terrible special effects, some boobs thrown in and zombies. There’s no need for it, but here’s a synopsis anyway: Bad actors play wooden, way underdeveloped characters that, for some reason, all have access to wealth and fame. One day, out of nowhere, they are attacked by evil birds and the rest of the movie is them wandering around shooting birds and commenting on whether or not the bloody unmoving people they come across laying on the ground are dead or not.

The Good

Literally nothing. Well, there’s some pointless boob shots. That might be enough for some viewers.

Birdemic gas station explosion

The Bad

Literally everything else. The magic of Birdemic: Shock and Terror was that it was bad without realizing it was awful. The acting was so terrible it could create hemorrhoids if you even glanced at the TV screen for a blink of an eye. The special effects were so sickening that society as a whole was nearly sucked into a time vortex and took a collective step backwards to an era before the smart phone or even the incredibly large 80s cell phones. The story was just a vicious raping of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic. However, all these worked so awfully together it ended up being amusing to watch and it became one of those great bad movies. This time around, you don’t get that fun experience, just a terrible headache that could be a tumor forming.

The Truly Awful

In an effort to cash in on the unintentional success the first film got, Nguyen basically redid the first film with this sequel and decided to parody himself and it’s just as sad as you would expect it to be.


Birdemic 2: The Resurrection is just awful and awful to the point where all the fun and hilarious enjoyment found in the first one is completely eradicated. Watching Nguyen fall all over himself trying to make a wannabe Hitchcock film with the first movie was entertaining because it was clear he was trying, despite not knowing a damn thing about movies. It was like watching a skateboarder who keeps trying to grind a handrail but every single solitary freakin’ second he tries, he looses his board and destroys any attempt of having a family in his future. This time around, Nguyen is intentionally making his film bad and the attempt is painfully obvious. Everything about this film feels like a setup for Nguyen to try and recapture the lightning he caught the first time.

It was like James Nguyen once was carrying a cake to his friend’s house, slips on a banana peel and ended up with his face in the delicious confectionery and all his friends had a great laugh over it. Then, the next day, Nguyen showed up to his friend’s again but this time he was carrying twenty cakes in each hand while he tried to navigate a sea of banana peels. In case I lost you there, I’m trying to say he was trying way too damn hard to make a fun bad movie with this one and just ended up succeeding in making a truly painful film to sit through.

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