Rev. Ron’s Fun Size Review of After Earth

After Earth poster

What is it?

A sci-fi movie but it’s better known by its other title: Nepotism: The Movie.

Who’s in it?

Will Smith and his son Jaden. That’s pretty much it.

Do you have the time?

No, I don’t wear a watch. I tell time by the placement of the sun.

After Earth movie screenshot

What is it about?

A prominent military man (Will Smith) and his son (Jaden Smith) crash land on the now quarantined and inhospitable planet of Earth. Daddy is hurt in the accident and it’s up to sonny boy to activate the rescue beacons and waste this future’s government dollars to travel millions of miles across the universe to rescue two people. Oh, and did I mention that an alien beast is hunting down the son? Because there’s totally one of those in it.

The Good

Um… the special effects and visuals are great to look at.

You can move along now because that’s basically it.

After Earth movie screenshot

The Bad

Literally everything else. M. Night Shymalan directed it, so I don’t think I really need to dive any deeper into that one.

Will Smith is the only one who can act in this one and even then, he’s just not that good.

Jaden Smith proves that the only reason he’ll ever have a career is because his dad is giving him one.

Finally, this movie is BORING! The story drags, the characters have nothing of interest about them and the pace made me feel like I was overdosing on downers and carbohydrates.

The Awful

I already mentioned it but it bears repeating: The worst part of this movie is Jaden Smith and his terribly wooden and unconvincing acting. Talent is not genetic, Fresh Prince.


After Earth is just another example of terrible storytelling and filmm aking from M. Night Shymalan—and he’s not even the guy to blame for this one. This movie was, from beginning to end, Will Smith’s pet project for his son but with Shymalan’s name attached to the movie, it’s hard to not blame him. It wants to be a sci-fi film and fills the dialogue with nonsensical, pseudo-techno talk but it does nothing to hide the fact that (despite the ridiculous amount of back story the film has) this movie’s story goes nowhere slowly and the obvious fact that Jaden Smith can’t act to save his life. There’s no action, no drama, no nothing that will grab your attention and keep it but when a movie is made just so your son, who can’t get cast as an extra in an ABC Family series (seriously, does anyone watch that network?), can you really expect your movie to be anything but junk?

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  • Chris Piers

    This movie sounds terrible. I listened to the hosts rip into it on How Did This Get Made? and it cracked me up. Sounds like beyond bad acting there was also some serious logic fails. Like the evil aliens can smell fear but no one thinks to just invent a better suit that masks scent. Or that temperatures rise and fall radically but the wildlife and vegetation seem fine with it.

  • irefusenik

    There is no nepotism demonstrated in this film. The son doesn’t benefit from the power and influence of his father, he is denied advancement in the military because he doesn’t demonstrate the necessary level of discipline evaluated by his superiors.

  • I’m pretty sure Reverend Ron was talking about the fact that Will Smith’s son got the role because he’s Will Smith’s son, despite the fact his acting abilities are sub-par.