Rev. Ron’s Fun Size Halloween Review of “The Conjuring”

The Conjuring Movie Poster

What is it?

A horror movie that, supposedly, is based on a true story. I’m a skeptic and don’t believe in ghosts.  The fad of calling supernatural films “based on a true story” is kinda silly to me.

What is it about?

World famous (scam artists) paranormal investigators are called in to stop the demonic haunting of The Perron family.

What sides does it come with?

You get to pick two and your choices are potato wedges, coleslaw, macaroni and cheese, corn bread, red beans and rice or the souls of lost children.

The Conjuring Creepy Doll

I think… that doll might be haunted. Not sure.

The Good

Director James Wan does an amazing job of crafting a creepy, unsettling atmosphere that not only is a prime breeding ground for scares but also makes the film feel authentic and real.

Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson play the real life ghost hunting couple of Lorraine and Ed Warren.  Both actors are tremendous in their roles but they also showcase some real chemistry on screen and look like the real life demon banishing couple.

While this film is light on the scares that will make your skeleton jump out of your skin, the overall tone of the film is enough to make your flesh crawl and run shivers up your spine… but, don’t worry, your bones will remain in your body.

The Conjuring sheet

I’ve heard of putting a bag on it, but this is ridiculous!

The Bad

Actually not much.  Some horror fanatics may not like the fact the film steers away from the easy and cheap scares in favor of a much more psychological approach.  At times when the movie could easily be scaring you with cats jumping into the face of an innocent from a closet (because people store cats in closets in horror movies), The Conjuring decides to allow your imagination fill in the blanks and go for more subtle scares through the use of sound, shadow and the reactions of characters who think (and then make you think) they see something lurking in the shadows…then there are the times we actually see something and it becomes one of those rare “cat in the closet” scares.

The Conjuring Head Touch

Duck, Duck, Goose has never been more frightening.

The Scary

Seriously, I already covered this.  Were you not reading the—BOO!!!

Ha ha… I totally scared you.


In an era where horror films have become cheap gimmicks (like the “found footage” sub-genre) and anything really invigorating to the genre or anything that actually succeeds in giving me the creeps seems to have gone the way of Camp Crystal Lake counselors, The Conjuring crafts an authentic and real feeling ghost story that is filled with great acting, perfect horror-time atmospheres and creepy scares that can give even the most jaded horror fan a hard night of finding sleep.

Rev. Ron is a writer, comedian, professional scarer from a reputable scaring university and the winner of every division in the Rev. Ron Olympics.  He loves movies…so much that he writes reviews of every movie he watches.  You can read the Full Size review for this movie and other movies at

  • I want to see this.

  • Chris Piers

    I saw this in the theater and I was on edge most of the time. Never has clapping scared me more.