Rev. Ron’s Fun Size Elysium Review


What Is It?

A movie… duh. But if you need me to be more specific… it’s a sci-fi tale from District 9 director Neill Blomkamp starring Matt Damon, Jodi Foster and Sharlto Copley.


What’s It About?

In the year 2154, poor people remain on Earth where they rot and die while being pitifully poor (did I mention they are poor?) while rich people get to live in space station named Elysium where disease and sickness become a thing of the past thanks to SCIENCE! Max (Matt Damon) suffers an accident that leaves him with radiation poisoning and only days to live, so he sets out to get to Elysium for a cure. He’s armed with a kickass exoskeleton and sets out to live another day, but Max comes across some sensitive information that makes him a target and a prominent government official on Elysium (Jodi Foster) is out to get that info and sends her most unstable and deadliest agent to collect it (Sharlto Copley).


Matt Damon!

Does It Go Well With Tortilla Chips?

I don’t know… tortilla chips may make a decent snack to eat while watching it. But don’t try to eat the movie with tortilla chips.

The Good

  • I really dug the story. It had a great working formula for intense action, human drama, political undertones and some sweet sci-fi staples.
  • The characters are fun and interesting and it has some great performances.
    The special effects are incredible!
  • Blomkamp did a great job with the camera work as it just sucked me into the world of Elysium.


The Bad

  • Some of the characters feel like they needed more development.
  • The story has a habit of shifting gears unexpectedly and can feel a little chaotic.

The EPIC!!!!

  • Sharlto Copley steals the damn movie! His character was so intense, so enjoyable to watch and such a badass that I want a spin-off film entirely about his character and his backstory.


Elysium is a great summer blockbuster that doesn’t disappoint in the entertainment department. The complaints I had for this one are small and easy to overlook. Neill Blomkamp crafted another excellent sci-fi epic!

Rev. Ron is a wannabe movie critic, writer, comedian, peanut butter and jelly sandwich ofcianado and ordained (thanks to the internet) reverend.  You can read an more in-depth review of this film and others at his blog.

  • Chris Piers

    I enjoyed Elysium but I also felt it could have been amazing with just a little more work. There’s a deeper story underneath that isn’t addressed much. I don’t want Blomkamp to knock me over the head but they laid groundwork and then barely scratched the surface. Also, the action was fantastic but also very repetitive or at least similar. District 9 escalated into all sorts of crazy shit. Would’ve loved to have seen some more vehicles or weapons come into play.