Rev. Ron’s Bite-Size Review of “Mad Max: Fury Road”

Mad Max: Fury Road fan art by Chris Piers

Mad Max: Fury Road fan art by Chris Piers

What is it?  The newest edition to the Mad Max universe.

What’s it about? Mad Max finds himself forced to team with a woman named Furiosa who is trying to help the wives of a cult leader escape from his oppression.  This madman refuses to lose what he considers his property and sends his entire army into the desert wastelands of this post-apocalyptic world and won’t let anything stop him from getting his wives back–not Max, not Furiosa, and not the burning tornado that shows up–NOTHING!

Who’s in it?  Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult, Hugh Keays-Byrne

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?  Nope.

stuntwoman photo from mad max fury road

Stuntwoman Dayna Grant’s photo while filming Mad Max: Fury Road

The Good…

  • The action in this film is amazeballs! It never gets old, never feels repetitive (which is awesome considering it’s basically a two-hour long car chase), and nearly all of it was done practically with a stunt crew and little-to-no CGI. I have nothing against CGI but old school stunts are just plain awesome-sauce.
  • The cast is terrific. The cast is just oozing with talent.
  • Tom Hardy, one of my personal favorite actors, filled the shoes of Mel Gibson nicely. Hell, he even sounded like him.
  • Charlize Theron’s character of Furiosa is a badass! She actually makes Max look like a punk in the film.
  • The film has incredibly strong female characters—which kinda sucks that this is news because in this day and age strong female characters should be a given in all films.  Either way, this movie just called out your ass, Hollywood.
  • The visuals are incredible!
  • The sets, costumes, and vehicles are insanely over-the-top but in a good way and in a way that feels authentic to the Mad Max universe.
  • The film never lets up on the gas. The film never slows down and is entertaining and fast paced the entire time.
  • The story is feathered out without the need of lecturing the viewer and, thanks to visual and audio cues, the viewer can easily pick up on the characteristics of the universe.
  • It was just cool to see Hugh Keays-Byrne, the villain Toecutter from the first film, return to play an all new role.
imperator furiosa's war rig

Imperator Furiosa’s War Rig


The Bad…

  • Not much, other than I hate the fact that having strong female characters is something that gets mentioned because it shouldn’t be. Strong written female characters should just be something that is expected and not something new.
  • Other than that, the film is awesome!
mad max fury road doof wagon

The Doof Wagon features a metal guitarist and Taiko drummers as Immortan Joe’s personal marching guard.



Mad Max: Fury Road has set the bar high for the summer of 2015 releases. Sure, Age of Ultron was cool but it pales in comparison to the face-punching coolness that is Fury Road.  With its story, characters, visuals, and action that is so exciting that it could snap your spine and you’d love the movie for doing it, this latest addition to the franchise showcases all the reasons we love going to the theater.

Rev. Ron is a semi-retired stand-up comedian, a somewhat Shakespearian actor in a drunken Shakespeare troupe, a seller of propane and propane accessories, and a wannabe movie critic.  You can read more of his reviews (including a more in-depth look at Mad Max:  Fury Road) at his blog:

  • Skewed_View

    Just got home from seeing it, and I loved it. I want to see it again. If you like the older movies, you should see this. This is a very good Mad Max movie, probably the best of the series.