Rev. Ron’s Bite Size Review of “Fantastic Four.”

fantastic four banner

When the most exciting thing a poster does is brag about some other movies the studio has put out, you’re in trouble.

What is it?  Fox’s latest adaptation of Marvel’s first family directed by Chronicle director Josh Trank.

What’s it about?  Super intelligent Reed Richards finds out how to teleport to another dimension but during the trip his teammates; Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, Ben Grimm and Victor Von Doom, are blasted by an unknown source of energy that gives them powers.  Reed wants to figure out how to cure them but Victor Von Doom wants to use his power to destroy the Earth.

Who is in it?  Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell, Toby Kebbell, Reg E. Cathy and Tim Blake Nelson…also Tim Heidecker for some reason.

Wanna grab a bite to eat?  Sure.  How’s pizza sound?

miles teller fantastic four

The best stuff is the origin scenes but they take up practically the whole movie.

The Good…

  • Sadly, not much.
  • Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan and Reg E. Cathy are giving off great performances.
  • Toby Kebbell is decent as Doctor Doom…until he actually becomes Doctor Doom.
  • The CG on The Thing is pretty neat and Jamie Bell’s soft voice really fits with the rocky hero.
  • The fight between The Four and Doctor Doom is okay…but even that has its own issues.
kate mara bad wig fantastic four

One easy way to notice the reshoot scenes is Kata Mara’s terrible wig.

The Bad…

  • The characters never actually feel like the Fantastic Four and appear to be their comic book counterparts really in name only.
  • Kate Mara looks like she isn’t even trying…but it isn’t helped that Sue Storm is so poorly developed and written.
  • The film is trying too hard to be dark and gritty.  The entertainment factor suffers because of this.  Heck, they even gave a depressing origin to The Thing’s catchphrase.
  • The film lacks action and even the one decent fight only last for a few short minutes.
  • The film takes too long to establish some conflict and that conflict is resolved way too quickly.
  • The story drags and feels like one long First Act with the Third coming in only moments before the credits.
  • Doom’s look is too silly and he is too powerful.  How the Fantastic Four was able to beat him despite being clearly outmatched is never addressed, it just happens.
fantastic four thing no pants

Why no pants?!

The Ugly…

The apathy Fox has towards this property is painfully obvious.  It couldn’t have been more clearer that Fox made this for no other reason than to hold on to the rights for just a little longer.  I half expected director Josh Trank to come into a scene and say, “Look, we just don’t care.”

It was pretty clear that this film was going to be a waste of time because when you have a problematic director tell his cast to not read the source material because it wasn’t going to be used, have a production company make this just to stop from losing the rights, have one of your cast preemptively apologize before the film is out and have the studio put an embargo on reviews you were pretty much assured to everyone that this film was going to be bad.  I tried to keep an open mind but this film is boring.  It’s pretty much a guaranteed thing that we’ll hear that Fox has canceled the sequel and just a matter of time before Marvel gets the rights back.  This movie isn’t even worth the budget theater or a RedBox rental money.

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  • Chris Piers

    I have no interest in this and I suffered through Elektra in the theater. I heard that Sue Storm doesn’t even go on the adventure that gives them their powers and her big contribution is making the outfits. That’s so awful.

  • Big Jim

    She also made the costumes in the Roger Corman version. I re-watched that the other day. It’s a funny scene. She comes in wearing her costume, asking “what do you think?”. Reed says “you look…” but before he can say “magnificent” Johnny says “…like a dork!”.

    The movie is heavily influenced by Tim Burton’s “Batman”. The scene where the Jeweller’s minions kidnap Alicia is just pure Burton.

  • Skewed_View

    It sounds like the director had an idea for a sci-fi movie, and Fox needed a Fantastic Four movie, so they just decided to mash the two things together.
    Square peg, meet round hole.