Rev. Ron’s Bite Size review of “Edge of Tomorrow”

Edge of Tomorrow


What is it?

A Sci-Fi tale based on the novel “All You Need Is Kill.”

What is it about?

An alien race with the power to “reboot” time has invaded Earth and is handing our backsides to us. After an unwitting soldier forced into battle (Tom Cruise) gets their power, it becomes up to him to team with a soldier celebrity (Emily Blunt) and stop the threat… also they wear bad ass exosuits!


Who else is in it?

What? Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise isn’t enough for you? Okay, Bill Paxton is in it too and who doesn’t love him?

The Good

The story is a mix of Groundhog Day and Saving Private Ryan and that makes it extra awesome!

With it’s motto of “Live, Die, Repeat” and the whole starting things over from a “save point,” the film is able to capture the feel of being a video game without the actual hindrance of being a video game adaptation. (Spoiler Alert: The alien’s secret power is the fact they know the Konami Code.)

Speaking of video games, this movie was able to take a strong female character and make her a badass without having to sexualize her. Let’s face it, if this was a video game, Emily Blunt’s character would have had a large chest and a thong under that exosuit.

Tom Cruise is just awesome to watch in the film.  Seeing his character go from all smiles to “I’m not suppose to be here” to “Let’s do this!” was pretty satisfying and a testament to why he has had the long career he has had.  (And to think, there was a time where I couldn’t stand the guy.  Praise Xenu that those days are gone.)

Finally, the film is capable of being exciting with its action, dramatic with its… well… drama, and is also absolutely hilarious without creating jarring shifts in tone throughout the film.


The Bad

Not much actually. The only small downside was that a lot of side characters look like they would be fun but are left undeveloped. In fact, the only development most of them get is in the form of a gag from Tom Cruise’s character getting to know them through his reboots.

In Conclusion

Edge of Tomorrow is what a summer blockbuster film is suppose to be. It is attention-grabbing and fun the entire time of its running length and it never drags or slows down. It’s also cool to finally see a movie where they are not trying to hide the fact that Tom Cruise is actually only three feet tall.

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  • Chris Piers

    This was the biggest surprise of the summer so far. It was really great.

  • Skewed_View

    I saw this on Saturday. It was a really enjoyable movie. It looked really lame just based on the trailers, but I became interested when I didn’t know one person who ended up not liking it.

  • I saw it over the weekend and was blown away. Cruise pulled off the transition from smarmy douche to the hero of the day. My one gripe has to be the ending which was a little too clean and Hollywood. Also, Bill Paxton rules.