Retro Fun: Louie The Lightning Bug

There were a very few public service ads in the 80s that I found incredibly memorable and dare I say, useful and one of those ad campaigns was Louie the Lightning Bug. Louie ruled the airwaves in between cartoons and his helpful jingles helped me from most likely electrocuting myself. In other words, Louie the Lightning Bug rules.

I had always (dimly) thought that Louie was a Wisconsin phenomena, but it turns out that Louie the Lightning Bug was seen all over the place. It was an ad campaign that local power companies could buy into. Hopefully you have fond memories of him like I do. Here’s a few commercials I found on YouTube that I could post here:

Louie’s Christmas Commercial

This is perhaps Louie’s greatest commercial due to that damned catchy song. I know now that I should always play it safe around electricty, especially during Christmas.

Power Lines

Here Louie teaches us to stay away from power lines. Not downed ones, but the regular kind. I took Louie’s message to heart and decided not to climb any trees ever or fly kites, just in case. To be even more safe, I decided to curtail any physical activity outside whatsoever.

Louie is still around and if you run a power company or are rich, you could contact the creators of Louie the Lightning Bug and get this completely rad ass Louie costume:


Or even a parade balloon:


That’s got to be the coolest thing ever.

  • Sadly, I don’t remember these! But I do like them. They’re cute (even though they’re talking about, you know, electrocution…)

    Todd and I have often discussed how when we were growing up, we were constantly being warned about downed wires, dying in fires, or suffocating in old refrigerators. Remember that one?

  • Vincent

    I remember a freaky ass one about downed powerlines where a kid gets killed… and then a carbon monoxide one…

    Maybe I should make scary PSAs a feature…

    What do you think?

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