Red Dead Redemption

Vincent   August 10, 2010   4 Comments on Red Dead Redemption


Let’s just kick this off with a personal insight about me. I don’t buy many new video games, because they’re too damned expensive. Usually game buying is reserved for the end of the year when the biggest titles come out and I get them as gifts or I get gift cards from my loving friends and family (and if you’d like to give me a gift, I’m a very grateful gift receiver). I very rarely ever buy a game during the summer, but that changed thanks to my friend Matty. You see, Matty (of Being a Dudecast fame) is a good friend that would not shut the fuck up about Red Dead Redemption. He practically begged me to get the thing, I swear there were tears at some points when he talked to me about it. Hell, one night he had me come over and he sat on his couch giggling evilly, because he knew after that first taste I’d have to buy it.

So here’s my quick thoughts after playing the game for a few hours:


1. Graphics: Is it just me or are the graphics sweet? I don’t think it’s just me. Just the horse ass that you’ll be staring at for hours as you are riding around is worth the price of admission. I mean graphically… I… uh go to the next point!

2. Cowboys: Granted, I haven’t played many cowboy themed games, but they pretty much capture exactly what I want in a cowboy game from herding cattle to shoot-outs. This might be why kids were obsessed with cowboys in the 50s!

3. The Sense of Accomplishment: I’m probably the most pussy video game player out there. I like to save and save all the time. The thing about GTA games is that I would always get pissed when  you couldn’t save in mission. Red Dead Redemption functions in a similar manner, yet I haven’t wanted to throw my controller at the television… yet. I think part of it has to do with some of the missions being shorter and the fact that you can camp in the wilderness, which cuts down on the time spent traveling to a location to attempt to overcome a failed mission.

The save system has made my successes all the more sweet. For example, I just recently captured a bounty alive. I had to first chase him across the map, take him down, put him on my horse, and then head back to town while his cronies were shooting at me. There were multiple points where I could have failed, but I made it. I literally felt like a hero by the time I got that asshole back to town.


1. Prostitutes: No sex with prostitutes (so far). This is a Rockstar game? So what if the protagonist is married? He can kill people indiscriminately if you choose for him to do so, but he can’t bang one Old West whore? Please.

2. Wonky Controls: It took me awhile to get used to the controls. This is probably due to the complexity of the game, but there were many times I found things to be a bit frustrating. One time it took me three times to get through a door in a hurry. That’s just wrong.

3. No children: I know that games always leave out kids when there’s a chance a player could cause them hard, but it really breaks my suspension of disbelief when an otherwise realistic world isn’t populated by a single child.

4. No Indians: So far I have yet to encounter a single Indian. I guess it’s due to the time-frame of when the game is set, but hot damn some Native Americans would really make for some great missions. Just think about the moral implications you could have if you had to fight the Indians if you sympathized with their cause?

Do you have Red Dead Redemption? Tell me what you think about it!

  • Donkiku

    Oh man, I don’t usually buy games and when I do I don’t really complete them. I just forget about them. With Red Dead Redemption it was really different. I played this game from beginning to end and I enjoyed it so much.

    I know it’s sort of a GTA but something that I found weird is that here I really wanted to do missions and advance the story. I didn’t dislike most of the characters except the ones that made me do bad things. And whenever I didn’t want to do a story mission I’d just go hunting or do things for strangers. I really enjoyed the treasure hunter challenges too. I was sad when I finished those.

    I didn’t mind not being able to have sex with the whores because I was going for the “good guy” thing. I agree with you on the lack of children but also know why they don’t put children in these kinds of games. I am glad they didn’t though. Can’t imagine how guilty I’d feel if I accidentally shot a kid.

    Indians. This really was weird too but of course it made sense and it’s alright after a bit.

    Oh and multiplayer. I usually hate playing multiplayer. With all the angry teenagers cursing and just snipping and stuff. Multiplayer here is really enjoyable. Most people really want to do teamwork. Also I can shoot other people’s horses and things like that.

    Ok, so it’s pretty obvious I love this game. Can’t wait to get the new dlc.

  • There are some Indians later in the game.

  • I want to buy a PS3 just so I can play this game. Maybe in a year or two when it drops a hundred bucks and I can get the game at a discount… ;-)

  • You should ask one Dieter about shooting dogs in the face.